After a good meal with family and friends, the chatting continues for hours on. I would usually transfer from the dining area to the terrace where drinks, coffee and other types of snacks are served. Here, more stories are told drinks after drinks after drinks.

I want my guests to experience this in Balay Dako as well. And with this thought, Terraza was born. Located on the second floor of Balay Dako, the space invites you to sit and relax. During the day, enjoy the picture perfect view of the Taal volcano and the vastness of the lake while under this dramatic solid structure designed to make you feel you’ve been taken back in time to the Old World. At night, enjoy the cool Tagaytay weather underneath a relaxing moonlit sky.

Welcome to Terraza.

Please be advised that we do not take table reservations as we have a first come first served policy.

For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call us.

Celebrate life’s greatest moments as you take in the refreshing mountain air of Tagaytay. Whether it's a wedding, a corporate event, a family gathering, or a birthday debut - there's always an occasion to gather colleagues, family, and friends to enjoy Balay Dako's set menu offerings.
Private events can be booked one year in advance. For more information, please contact our Sales and Marketing Department via email at balaydakoevents@gmail.com


Impress your guests as you gather at Terraza, the top floor with a view of Taal Lake.
A breakfast and lunch place by day and a full restaurant/bar at night, you can bask in it's Manhattan-inspired interior that features a sophisticated and eclectic mix of hip, industrial finishes and patterned tiles - a fusion of Filipino-Spanish colonial design with a contemporary flair.
Wine, dine, and unwind to live DJ beats indoors or under a blanket of stars. Terraza is a top-notch venue for breakfast or lunch meetings, cocktail events and dinner parties. It offers an exclusive, yet extensive cocktail menu and wine list.
Terraza, located on the third floor. High-ceiling, 300 square meters, with an adjoining al fresco area. It features a selection of contemporary furniture and décor with a 'hip, industrial' feel. Floor-to-ceiling windows everyone a view of the lake; capacity: 70-100 guests


Step into a room reminiscent of the "balconahes" found in grand homes of the past, Azela is Balay Dako's exclusive dining venue overlooking the front garden and parking area.
A variety of lush ferns, vintage portraits, carved balusters and wraparound windows creates a welcoming ambiance perfect for smaller intimate gatherings.
Azela located at the second floors faces garden and parking area, capacity 20-40 guests.


Celebrate life's greatest moments in a quintessential Filipino dining hall adorned with our-styled, carved trusses, matte celadon painted walls, and communal tables where conversations start and friendships begin.
Silong, located at the ground floor is Balay Dako's main event venue. It measures 300 square meters with an garden and an unobstructed view of Taal Lake: capacity: 90-150 quests.